Is there a 'definite' diagnostic thread?

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Re: Is there a 'definite' diagnostic thread?

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Unlikely that any wavelength-emitting diode (visible light, IR ...) will fail, especially those (like remotes) that are used only very intermittently.
Contact of the diode with the p.c.b. ought to be soldered, and not relying merely on mechanical contact.

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Re: Is there a 'definite' diagnostic thread?

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Oh, the label is more a hypothetical thing... Errr, and so is the draw if I'm honest! (spent 30mins today searching the garage for the OBD2 adapter lead for my Diagbox!) But I know there's a few old remotes around somewhere haha. Actually now I think of it, I probably still have the key from our White S1 so if Jim can't dig anything out of his stash (some chance, the man has everything!!!) give me a shout and I'll send the whole key to you (the case is worn and buttons were replacements IIRC but the LED was fine)

Chris, the way I read it, the leg of the diode was broken and is just bent into contact currently. Probably too short and corroded to take solder.