Android Radio for C5 X7

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Android Radio for C5 X7

Post by skoda82 » 25 Dec 2019, 21:33

Hello, I would like to present you my new radio and a problem with it.
Maybe it will help someone.

So the first problem is mounting the display, the new display does not match the mounting in the car, you need to spend a lot of time to solve it.
The next modification concerns the cable from the GPS antenna
(if you want to use the car antenna from the factory you have to convert the cable) without conversion you can use the antenna attached to the radio.
I couldn't connect the built-in microphone to the car, I used the microphone that came with the radio.
And now the most important thing - I don't have sound in the speakers.
My car is equipped with a factory amplifier and at the moment I have no idea how to turn on the amplifier to work with a non-factory radio.
Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

The positives are:
parking sensors are working (front and rear), you can also connect a reversing camera
steering wheel control works
finally I will be able to connect the phone with the radio (my previous radio is RT4)

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Re: Android Radio for C5 X7

Post by Xantippa » 27 Dec 2019, 18:54

Does that radio have line level (rca) outputs? You should use those because original amp "eats" line level signal from original radio - via speaker cables (it´s possible to set speaker outs as line-level outs with diagbox, but not for your aftermarket radio). So you should make rca to speaker level adapters to connect your new radio to your car´s wiring system.

Then I would assume that amp needs just 12V remote signal to some pin to wake up, and I guess there´s also remote-out connector on your new radio.

If you look at this picture, it seems that quadlock pin A 11 is the remote signal pin, so you should connect your new radio´s remote out to it:


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Re: Android Radio for C5 X7

Post by Vejas » 07 Feb 2020, 14:16

Hi, I thinking to buy one of theese as well. Can you tell me where you bought yours? And what a problem with screen fitting?