Checking Eolys level with Lexia?

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Checking Eolys level with Lexia?

Post by Lenny » 03 Jun 2016, 10:42

Good morning all,

I presume that I can check the Eolys level on my C5X7 using Lexia but I don't know how.

Anybody got any pointers they'd like to share?



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Re: Checking Eolys level with Lexia?

Post by RichardW » 03 Jun 2016, 11:19

It varies a bit by car and engine, but after it's done a global scan you should find a diesel additive ECU, and if you go into here and then standard parameters it should give a remaining figure. The amount remaining may also be in the injection ECU, but the figures are not very likely to agree in my experience! Generally lasts 80-100k - my 307 was done before I got it at 80k; the C4 Picasso is still to be done and is at 92.5k, so I am expecting it anytime soon!!