RIP Citronut

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RIP Citronut

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

It is with a heavy heart that I must let the forum know that Malcolm Goldberger (aka Citronut) lost his fight against leukaemia this evening at 19:00.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by MikeT »

Rest well Malcolm, you earned it. Condolences to family.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by demag »

Dreadful news. Someone "up there" obviously needed a top Citroen bloke more than we did down here. God Bless you Malcolm.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by DickieG »

Bless you Malcolm you were a good man, I'll miss you mate.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by mad_at_french_cars »

Malcolm was a great bloke. He was very good to me over the years. I shall miss you mate.


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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by Stickyfinger »

Rats, double rats and more rats.

..... and thank you Malcolm for being you.

A top bloke, endlessly helpful, full of patience with idiots like me.... and man, what knowledge.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I first met Malcolm at one of the Citroen rallies (probably an X Rally at Little Horwood). He (and his wife) had set up a small marquee with various Citroen bits, out of the back of his BX estate and trailer. My first impression of him (which still endures, even through my tears) was a small, scruffy guy with a cheeky, cheerful smile, and a personality to match. If you asked him for help or advise he would offer it, and if he didn't know the answer at that time he would find out, and get back to you with it. Later, when I was unemployed and Gracie had failed her MoT, he offered to help by getting me the parts at trade prices, and then letting me work on her at his workshop, with the intention being that I should only ask for his help occasionally (I needed a lot more help than I thought I would, but it was always forthcoming with no complaints), and he charged me mates rates for doing this. I could not have got her through the MoT re-test without his help.

I know that, wherever he has gone to, it is a better place (but this is still a better place than it would have been if he had not been here), and that is because he is there, with his grin, his jokes, his "percywotsits", and his toolkit to fix things that are broken.

Goodbye Citronut. Have fun, wherever you are, and know that there are people who have fond memories of you, are sad for your passing, but are better for having met you.
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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by Peter.N. »

Didn't know Malcolm but I would like to add my condolences to all his family and friends.


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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by macplaxton »

Although I didn't know him personally, I found him forever helpful and humorous on this and other forums.

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

R.I.P. Malcolm.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by red_dwarfers »

Goodbye for now Malc, see you again one day.

Absolutely top man. I remember first meeting you at the Stratford rally in 2008, Jim introduced me to you. You were telling me a tale about removing the pump armour on a 1.9 TD Xantia.

It's so sad to lose such a wonderful, humorous and knowledgeable chap.

I've a great photo of a few of us at the G rally a couple of years ago just after you and your wife were polishing my G while I had my back turned (?!) but can't seem to find it. I've nabbed this one off Chris Salter of you getting stuck in to working on Tiffany the GSA X1.


I'm sure where you're to now they have an unlimited supply of :teabag: along with other emoticons.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by daviemck2006 »

My sympathies to Malcolms family at this sad time. His humour and knowledge will be missed by many, both in person and on forums. RIP

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by myglaren »

I can only echo the sentiments expressed above.

A very decent, amiable, humorous, friendly and mechanically gifted chap that was an invaluable member of this community.
He will be greatly missed. A very sad day.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by bobins »

Malcolm was one of the good guys. I shall raise a drink to him this evening - quite possibly a drink of :teabag:

tim leech
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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by tim leech »

I can only add to what's already been said, a friendly smile and a great sense of humour, I will miss him on the forums and rally's.

His bx knowledge was incredible.

Bless you Malc.

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Re: RIP Citronut

Post by CitroJim »

A very sad and tragic day.

I have known Malcolm from the very beginning of my time of this forum and since the very beginnings of my Citroen ownership.

Malcolm was a great bloke with a sharp wit, ever helpful and perfect of nature...

My memories of him will always be of his huge spirit, best seen in his fight against his dyslexia and the huge improvements we saw in his writings over the years.

He made us all laugh with his percywotsit and his ongoing fights with diagnostic kit he called his DISLEXIA...

I have my own special memorial to Malcolm sitting on my workshop bench. The parts to make my sphere tester were given to me by Malcolm. Every time I look at it and use it I'll be thinking of you Malc!

Rest in peace Malcolm, and make sure you do a good job of looking after St. Peter's GS. Gosh, he's lucky now to have you as his chief mechanic.

For the rest of us a tragic loss... Malc, you going to be missed...