A word of warning to hydraulic Cit drivers.

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A word of warning to hydraulic Cit drivers.

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Below is a copy of a posting from one of our members "LHMleak" about an incident that happened to him recently in his <b>Xantia with anti-sink.</b>
As a BX & CX driver, I would never have thought of this just as he didn't; red light comes on indicating low LHM, "not far to go, car stays up so it should still have brakes & steering" is exactly what I would have thought, which he did.
Here's his story.
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Posted - 08 Jan 2004 : 21:03:41

It's my own fault, really. I should have detoured to the nearest LHM stockist this morning when the STOP light came on, but I honestly thought the car would make it back home to my own supply!
There's been a small leak at the low pressure side of the pump for a few months now, so I'm losing some fluid anyway, and it's checked and topped up regularly. I can only guess that the leak's got worse recently, and I'm going to have to locate and fix it. That's not the immediate problem. This is.
During the drive home, I lost power steering. I'd half expected this to happen anyway, I'd had the same experience with a BX half a lifetime ago. I was expecting the suspension to go next, so I didn't get worried - until I touched the brakes and found I didn't have any... got a bit hairy, I can tell you. I worked out the explanation for myself, along with a few choice curses - oh well, at least I know my car's anti-sink system is working!
Very slowly drove to the nearest place to get some LHM. Filled the tank with about 3 litres of the stuff. The STOP light went out, and as I reversed out of the parking space I could feel the steering assistance was back. So were the main brakes.
Until I turned the wheel to go round the corner, that is. STOP light back on, no PAS. Brakes still working, but they too failed again after a while, suggesting that I was using residual pressure from the accumulator sphere.
Question - is this problem related to the possible need to prime the HP pump once it's run dry? I don't recall having to do this on my BX back in '86. And as for the rest of the system - will I have to bleed the brakes/steering? Any special procedures or gotchas?
Any advice will be gratefully received! Looks like I'm driving a Vauxhall tomorrow...
So the moral of the story is; if your car has anti-sink & the warning light comes on, don't take it for granted that you are going to have brakes & steering until the suspnsion drops, coz you ain't.
Stop ASAP & get the problem attended to.
Alan S