Citroen C4 automatic gearbox problem

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Citroen C4 automatic gearbox problem

Postby Kamikazeephil » 06 Oct 2009, 16:10

Hi Everbody,

This is my first entry on the forum, I own a 2006 CITROEN C4 HATCHBACK 1.6i 16V SX 5dr Auto which as done 23,500 miles - I have a gearbox problem and wondered if it has happed to anybody else and if so they could offer any advice.

The problem is the 'service' light comes on the dashboard - the gearbox wont change gear - then it bangs into 3rd - and wont change - I then stop turn the engine off then back on again and it seems to work fine - until the next journey and it will happen again - this doesn't happen on every journey.

Hope someone can help
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Postby CitroJim » 06 Oct 2009, 18:04

Hi Phil,

Welcome to the forum :D

This is symptomatic of the gearbox going into 3rd gear emergency hydraulic mode; a special failsafe "limp-home" should the electronics either loose control of the 'box or a problem is detected with the 'box that makes it impossible for the electronics to control it for some reason.

The big bang and being only able to select third or reverse is normal when in emergency mode but the bang can be severe enough to damage engine mounts.

There are a multitude of reasons why the 'box might drop into emergency mode and forgive me for this but the only way is to have a diagnostics session performed by a Citroen garage who understands automatic gearboxes.

A common problem is with the gear selector switch which is electro mechanically controlled by the gear selector lever. This switch tells the ECU if P, R, N, D and so on has been selected by you. This is not hard to fix (new switch) and diagnostics will log a "Gear Coherence Fault" or words to that effect.

Come back, tell us what diagnostics found and we'll advise further although we'll need to know the type of gearbox is fitted.
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Postby Kamikazeephil » 06 Oct 2009, 22:03

Hi Jim,

Many thanks for your reply - I will take your advise and take it to Citroen for a check over. I'll let you know how I go on.

Regards Phil
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