Citroen (and other) Parts

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Citroen (and other) Parts

Post by Doo »

Hey chaps, I had the delight to deal with a company on ebay who were refreshingly pleasant, quick, excellent communications and reasonably priced. And the parts arrived long before the date suggested.

I needed lower arms and ball joints as some may recall.... I went to local factor and the prices were almosy like original equipment prices :?

So I shopped around and hapened upon energized customs. they are from shropshire. I was in the middle of a masssive toothache (so I informed them that I couldn't think straight) and they were an absolute delight to deal with.

Parts arrived well before the due date and I managed the left side today, including removing the hub and replacing the lower ball joint (a RIGHT pain in the donkey). The quality is superb and I had no issues fitting either the arm or the ball joint.

I just figured they deserve a mention as I felt they went slightly above the usual service. Apparently a family run business, so all kudos to them in such trying times.

Hope this is allowed :)

Thanks all 8-)
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Re: Citroen (and other) Parts

Post by Pablo »

I need both sides for my C3 Picasso. I see they have them listed for £55 per pair.

I've been wary about ebay stuff since I recently read that there are a lot of fake car parts on there.
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Re: Citroen (and other) Parts

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I've moved this to the 'Recommended Garages and Services' Forum for you.