Syringe my ears.

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Syringe my ears.

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Neil asked for a new year thread. :)

Well not mine but a friend's. She's deaf from a gummed up eardrum. previously a case of soaking the ear with olive oil for a few days then going to the GP's and having it syringed by the practice nurse.

This time they told her "We don't do that any more." and referred her to a private clinic where she would have to pay £65 for the treatment.
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Re: Syringe my ears.

Post by bobins »

My mate had exactly that problem with his surgery, but apparently the NHS see it differently and told the surgery - "We pay you to do that, so you'll do it". The surgery are very reluctant to do the job, but they'll do it now !
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Re: Syringe my ears.

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

That’s the finest thread title so far this January.

Much kudos Gibbo, Part of the FCF’s uniqueness and charm, I can fairly safely say that you won’t find a thread called Syringe my ears anywhere else on the world wide web :-D

Regards Neil