2CV convertible mystery

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2CV convertible mystery

Post by DavidLMM »

Hello All,

This is my first post, looks like an interesting forum. I work at Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. Our collection of nearly 450 (mostly European) vehicles includes almost 40 Citroens, ranging in age from 1924-1997, and includes quite a few 2CVs and variants.

One of the cars I am researching arrived in the US, listed as a '63, but is obviously much newer. The VIN plate riveted near the left firewall/fender area is in German. The car is a 2 door, convertible conversion, so perhaps it's a Hoffman? The manufacturer is listed as Citroen F, the VIN is 01JF4442, and the year of manufacture says 1974, although it appears that the "9" has been double-struck. Under Typ, it says AM3, which would make it an Ami, would it not? Only the two doors and rear side panels are steel, while the rest of the car is fiberglass of good quality. It has the connected 2CV suspension and front steering arms, with a GS drivetrain.

The online VIN decoders that I have found don't go back this far, and the only link I found to a vintage decoder was no longer working. Does anyone know of a good vintage Citroen VIN decoder? Does anyone here recognize this conversion? We had another Hoffman at one time, now gone, but it seemed more "finished" than this one.

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Re: 2CV convertible mystery

Post by citronut »

hi David and welcome

your collection sounds very interesting can you either post your web site details and or some photos,

try contacting/asking one of the CCC (citroen car club UK ) officials

pm. sent with some conrtact details

also it sounds like this car is on an Ami super chassis/running gear, the Ami super ran a 1015 flat four GS engine,

the suspension was up rated from the 2CV and had anti roll bars fitted
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Re: 2CV convertible mystery

Post by myglaren »

Link to website in David's sig Malcolm.
Looks a very interesting place, loads of pictures.
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Re: 2CV convertible mystery

Post by old'uns »

Nice collection. :)
Some weird, wonderful and rare stuff.
Even more kudos for having a Honda Beat as well =D> even without the original Zebra seats and mats.

Good luck on the research.