blower problems some body must know!!

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I'll have a look in the wiring diagrams for the function of that relay. I know the one you mean! I'm not sure it is relevant in this case.
Mr Matthews wrote: Not with a volt tester or anything, but as none of the connections looked disturbed or blackened, I just dismissed that notion.
The use of a test meter that will measure voltage is the only way to nail this one Mr. Matthews. Without one you really are trying to find this fault with one arm tied behind your back and blindfolded.

With a voltmeter, there are a few tests you can do to confirm if it is the supply or the fan run signal from the aircon ECU. The details are in This Thread. You can also get meter probes right on the motor supply.

Maplin or any DIY store do simple, basic multimeters that will serve the purpose very cheaply.

Mr Matthews
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ok, thanks Jim, I was going to Maplins tomorrow anyway for a car heater (£7.49).

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Heater blower and heated rear window not working

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Hello Guys

I have just been through the last week here in good old England FREEZING. My heater blower stoped working last weekend

I have read all the info posted up and got the pictures from Clogzz my only question is what colour is the wire K20? Its the one that comes from fuse 20 down to the heater control knob.

My fuse box does not want to come down very far and the connector block with K20 in it is right at the back of the fuse box.

But i noticed there is a lot of wiring down by the left hand side of the driver foot well.

I was hoping to find the wire here. Or pull out the heater control panel but it only seems to move about 2cm not allowing me access to the conector block. :?:

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It's a bit less sophisticated but when my ignition switched failed I simply took it out of the circuit altogether and fitted a separate switch.

The downside being that if you forgot to turn it off with the rear screen heater turned on it had the chance of draining the battery.
The heater motor would stop though as when the rest of the electrics were powered down the blower stops although it's supply remains live.

Brutal but simple.

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Re: blower problems some body must know!!

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tgrfc wrote:Hi Everybody,

last resort!!
Today i have changed the blower motor on my car, checked all the fuses and i still have no blower at all.

This seems to have slowly died over the last 2 weeks, first it started working normally but over the last 2 weeks its has slowly died getting gradually slower and slower like it was running of a little battery, now i have nothing. if it is the ignition switch how easy is this to get to and change? i am a completly new to the electrics of this car.

Oh ye its a S plate 1.9td xantia opps sorry forgot that bit.

any ideas????

many thanks in advance John
does it have aircon or normal as aircon is controlled by unit on fan motor thermistor?.console control just switchs to speeds.non aircon is controlled by normal switch.have you tried checking with a lead to battery.ihad sim prob and it was motor and pack was N/S changed motor that works but dont variy so linked across from -side with inline switch and controlled from their as pack was on full all time.also change pollen filter as it hads to work so hard if blocked up.

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marsalek wrote:Hi, the ignition switch makes trouble only in Mk1 (before cca March 1998).
many thanks mine is a mark 2 what could be the problem then if not the ignition switch i have air con which also does not work

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Post by MikeT »

Hello Brian,

I suggest you start your own thread on the problem(s) you're experiencing though with regard to blower problems, there's many threads with solutions that probably cover exactly your symptoms so worth doing a bit more searching if you've got the time. Probably not so many on the Air Con subject but still pretty well covered and documented.

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dales21 wrote:
marsalek wrote:Hi, the ignition switch makes trouble only in Mk1 (before cca March 1998).
many thanks mine is a mark 2 what could be the problem then if not the ignition switch i have air con which also does not work
Above the throttle pedal, under th dash, pull back the cloth type cover, and you will reveal a number of relays...

If you pull out the GREEN one, which green one you may ask, well, if theres more then one green one pull them all out and push them in, but IIRC the one for the blower has two side CATCHES holding the relay in place..

try pulling them out and pushing them back in, I had this on a S2 Xantia, and it was this relay causing the problem.. Not heard anything since..


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Post by Clogzz »

Blower relay is item 10.


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heater blower

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This is me back again about the blower which runs at full speed as soon as the ignition is switched on I havent had time to check the module as I am not very confident about it so is there any way that I could put a switch in to switch the fan on and off as I need it if so could someone explain it to me. Thanks