406 ABS/ESP fault

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406 ABS/ESP fault

Post by PC2CV » 14 Apr 2019, 16:51

My 406 V6 (2001 Multiplex Estate)when started throws up lights/messages for the ABS/ESP system, airbag fault and the power steering is heavy.

I recently replaced the alternator and battery, and what i assume to be the ABS/ESP ecu was unplugged at the time, its all plugged back in now and been inspected a dozen times.

PP2000 is saying the following:

Airbag ecu - remote permanent fault. Vehicle speed information.

Power steering - permanent fault: sensor signal: vehicle speed/(short circuit to positive or circuit open).

Bsi - no communication with abs or esp ecu, vehicle longitudinal acceleration information incorrect value received and vehicle speed information incorrect value received.

ABS or ESP ecu - the ecu has not replied

Engine ECU - remote permanent fault, no communication with the abs or dynamic stability control ecu

Automatic transmission - no communication with abs or esp

On an ESP equipped 406, am I right in saying its ECU is located beside the engine ecu?