HHD Image for RT3 N3 eV (RT4)

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HHD Image for RT3 N3 eV (RT4)

Post by 407Dave407 » 22 Nov 2017, 17:00

Hi ,

I have a faulty 2007 Coupe - RT3 N3 Headunit , think its called a RT4 but not sure.
RT3 D2A-N3
e2 03 06046

Was updated with 8.31 firmware.

The harddrive had failed , new one in and all ok. Then by mistake update disk in again but the CD player is flaky and gets to various points in updating and fails.
Bootrom etc all ok.
Tried to update from USB but no luck.

I see many have worked on these units upgrading to SDD and saving the HDD ISO drive image.

So I ask to those to please help by getting a ISO image of a working unit , I can then write that image to my new HDD.
Then setup vehicle settings if different using scripts.

Thanks in advance to anyone you can get the image done. Very Happy Smile

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Re: HHD Image for RT3 N3 eV (RT4)

Post by EDC5 » 13 Jan 2018, 22:50

Would it be possible to run a lens cleaner disc in the machine for a few mins before trying again with the firmware disc?

I'm assuming you're installing the firmware from scratch using the two small buttons on the bottom of the unit.

I have made a image of my RT4 hard drive and would like to share it with you but unfortunately it's on a computer at home (I'm currently at uni) so won't be able to get it for a month or so :(.