Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

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Re: Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

Post by harryp »

just seen this post.
Many years ago I suffered from a very wet front footwell carpet {cannot remember which side now).
I couldn't find source of the leak, so removed the plastic wheel arch shields and rolled the rubber drain hoses between my fingers. A surprising amount of dried dirt fell out and until I sorned it (Xantia) had no recurrence.
May be irrelevant but worth checking?
Regards, Harry

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Re: Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

Post by myglaren »

Had the same with the GS but the drain hoses passed through the liner and were easy to access. Sleeve full of mucky water and leaves though.
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Re: Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

Post by quintet »

CitroJim wrote: 25 Dec 2023, 17:56 I've tried to use a substitute standard 10% tolerance carbon film resistor to try and 'fool' an airbag ECU on a Xantia in the past with poor results...

I'm wondering if the ECU is looking for a very precise resistance reading and maybe looking for a bit of inductance too in an attempt to know it's a real airbag it's looking at...

The difference between 2.4 ohms and 2.6 ohms may be just too far out of its range of tolerance.

An interesting experiment would be to take a 2.4 ohm test resistor, a standard value in the E24 series, and choosing one nearest to 2.4 ohms, and see if this makes the ECU happy. The next standard E24 value is 2.7 ohms but you may, in a small batch, find one nearer to 2.6 ohms to confirm your airbag has gone out of ECU tolerance.

Also, many carbon film resistors are spiral wound so have a little inherent inductance and this too may upset the ECU if it's really fussy...

I didn't get the chance to test this, i should have looked into the cause of the issue better but the problem had dragged on too long and i was still slightly concerned that the windscreen replacement might just of had an affect on something within the airbag network. The replacement airbag has fixed the issue, i've still got the old one as they can be a faff to dispose of (i really need to sort this as it's an "explosive device" which needs secure storage) so i'll need to sort that out, really by setting it off! which is the only way the local municipal refuse centre will take it, it'll be interesting to see if it does actually "go off".
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Re: Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

Post by CitroJim »

It'll be good to hear how it went when you set it off, and the methods you used :)

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Re: Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

Post by 407 »

Re the 407 door seal issue and airbag warnings, after a few days of rain and testing with the hose, I gave up as water was still pooling on top of the bottom door seal and then running inside the car.

My solution was to put a few holes thru the seal with a leather hole punch tool which seems to allow the water to exit (the door seal gets squashed when the door closes)

Not ideal but the only solution I could see bar a new door seal which probably would not help anyway

Time will tell if the carpet still gets wet

on the airbag waring light itself, it now generally stays off but turns on every few trips - I have a new used crash sensor coming (part 9636982680)
407 door seal holes to allow water to run out
407 door seal holes to allow water to run out