2018 Renault Master

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2018 Renault Master

Post by Danvlt » 08 Nov 2018, 20:24

I have a 2018 Renault master van with 28000 miles on, today I pulled up to a job, turned the engine off etc, done the job in about 1 hour then when I got back in there was nothing when I turned the key, the radio was lit up but nothing else, I checked every fuse there is and were all ok, I then disconnected the positive from the battery and left it for 10 minutes, reconnected battery and it fired straight up, I would be very grateful if anyone could give me any clue as to why this happened?

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Re: 2018 Renault Master

Post by EDC5 » 08 Nov 2018, 21:28

That's very concerning, especially on such a new van.

The fact it fired straight up after the battery was disconnected then replaced suggests an ECU needed to be reset.

Surely being so new it will be covered under warranty, if so I'd get it booked in to Renault and see if they can detect what caused it.