Adding a Glasses / Sunglasses Mod to your C5 X7

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C5 X7 Glasses / Sunglasses Storage Modification

  • Target Vehicle: Citroen C5 MKIII (X7) 2008 on
  • Peugeot Part: 9128 AR
  • Price: £25.68 (at Oct 2015)
  • Tools: Torx 20, Small flat head Screwdriver
  • Time: About 20-30 Minutes
  • Tech Level: Easy

Scenario: If like me, you have a pair of glasses or sunglasses and case that you keep in the car, there are very few places to store these conveniently in the C5 X7. The small drop-down bin under the dashboard on the driver’s side is pretty useless, with anything you put in at risk of being crushed when you close it! The Centre console is usually filled with phones, keys and other rubbish that I wouldn't want to put my Ray Bans at risk with and the glove-box is already full with the car manual.

Solution: I came across an idea posted by Lafrancois & ‘Screwdriver’ over at Planete Citroen that seemed a perfect solution. Some Citroen / Peugeot cars have a glasses case fitted in place of the driver’s ceiling grab-handle. I believe that this is / was available on come Citroen C4 and Peugeot 308 vehicles. It turns out that the part used on one of the 308 models is a perfect fit for the Citroen C5 MKIII X7 in terms of the spacing and mounting feet.

The part number is 9128 AR and was ordered from a local Peugeot dealer at a price £25.68 inc. VAT (Oct 2015). Personally speaking, I have never really used the grab handle, so this would be no great loss to me. I thought I would put a small step by step guide together in English in case others want to undertake the modification. It works great for my reading glasses, but needed a slight mod for my sunglasses. So unless you are Dame Edna Everage you should be fine.

This is the Part:

A New Part 9128AR.jpg
A1 Unpacked.jpg
Part 9128 AR ordered from Peugeot The part will contain the case, the mounting feet, mounting brackets and 2 screws

Lift the hinged mountings to reveal the king pin. Use a small screwdriver or your finger to push the pin through left to right (for the left hand one, right to left for the right hand one) and withdraw. Repeat for the right hand mounting.

B Remove Pin.jpg
C2 Pin Withdrawn.jpg
Carefully slide the pin out The mounting foot with the pin withdrawn, repeat for the other side

The mountings come with a securing bracket and screw already assembled as shown. We do not need the metal support brackets as we will be using the ones already in use by the grab handle. We will need the new screws though.

C Access to Screw.jpg
C1 Torx 20 Used Later.jpg
Access to the screw holding the silver support bracket Using the Torx 20 screwdriver, remove the screws from both feet and keep these safe. The silver support brackets can be kept, but are surplus

The remaining shell has a layer of foam at the bottom to protect your glasses. Before proceeding, now is a good time to check the case to see how the glasses you intend to store in it will fit. There are 2 plastic ‘fins’ in the case that I think are there to stop your glasses moving about.

D1 Reading Glasses 2 OK.jpg
D2 Sunglasses Too Long.jpg
My reading glasses were a good fit... ... but my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were a bit too wide.

Although the left arm looks too high, it's actually the right arm that is being blocked by the right fin.

As I will be using the case for my sunglasses, I decided to lower one of the fins (the one that was affecting one of the arms), so I used a Dremel with a cutting wheel to make a horizontal cut at about half the height of the fin. I then sanded this down and voila:

E1 Fin Cut and Sanded.jpg
E Reduce One Fin by Half.jpg
E2 Now Fitting.jpg
After using a rotary cutting disc with a ‘Dremel’ to cut away half the fin horizontally The open case with the right fin reduced by half (picture rotated 180° for clarity) The arm of your glasses can now extend past the fin, which will still stop your glasses from moving

In your car, lower the grab handle of the driver's side and you will see a small plastic flap.

F Grab Handle.jpg
F1 Lowered Handle.jpg
In your car, lower the driver’s grab handle … … this will reveal a plastic tab

Gently lift the flap from the bottom up to reveal the Torx screw and remove:

F2 Lift Tab for Screw.jpg
F3 Handle Removed.jpg
Carefully lift the tab up from the bottom with your flat bladed screwdriver and remove the screw Repeat for the other side to reveal the existing grab handle support brackets

Secure the new mounting hinges using the new screws. They will exactly fit the original footprint. The new screws are longer than the originals. To be honest, looking at the original screws that held the grab rail, they didn’t appear to go past the second thread mark, so I don’t think these would have taken much force! Therefore I used the new longer screws without any problems.

E Existing Mounting.jpg
G Line up Holes.jpg
Here is a close up of the existing support which we will use to secure the case. Secure both mounting feet using the new screws but don’t over-tighten Once you have secured the mounting feet, slide the case unit in behind and line up the 2 holes as shown

With the holes aligned, re-engage the king pin. I actually found it easier to fit the pin to the right hinge with my left hand and the left hinge with my right hand.

G1 Insert Pin.jpg
G3 Pin Inserted.jpg
G4 Repeat Other Side.jpg
Align the Support and Case holes Slide the pin through (right side) Slide the pin through (left side)
G5 Case Open.jpg
H1 Fins Stop Glasses Sliding.jpg
G6 Case Closed.jpg
The Case now mounted Glasses are now cushioned and won’t slide The Case with lid flipped up

Keep the original handle and screws in case you want to restore the grab handle, or transfer the glasses case to your next C5!

I Retain C5 Original Handle.jpg