Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

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Re: Airbag, Dashboard, Seat Belt & Airbag ECU Repairs

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Diagbox is used by official Citroen dealerships and is always up to date - it is a requirement of the dealership - so that first one you went to can't be an official dealership.

As for the codes, yes, there can be lots of causes for the Airbag ECU to bring up faults which is why a diagnosis is required. Any triggered fault codes should be stored in the log in the ECU, so when read with a proper diagnostic system like Diagbox, the log can be read to show any historic faults.

Common causes can be the wiring that run under floor from the seats / seat belts to the airbag ECU in the central binnacle. But knowing where the fault is can be the issue - and working on the airbag systems can be dangerous, so don't go attaching multimeters or probing without knowing what you are doing or you could trigger an airbag.

Lastly, you need to realise you have a fault on the system for a reason. Until this fault is diagnosed and repaired, no amount of diagnostic machines can make the fault code magically disappear. As soon as the fault is triggered - the warnings will start again.

My advice is to get it to a proper dealer and get them to diagnose and correct the fault for you.

If you have any fault codes already, then do put them up here with your VIN and I can at least see what the fault is indicating.