C5 interior

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C5 interior

Post by Forevertonian »

I've just bought a 57 plate C5 VTR 6 speed 1.9 turbo diesel.
I'm very happy with it, loving the hydropneumatic suspension.
I'm tempted to change the interior for a leather one, but is it an easy job?
The leather seats have all kinds of features in them, will they just bolt in and utilise the same block connector and not need coding etc?
Anyone selling a C5 leather interior?

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Re: C5 interior

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome.

There weren't any 1.9 C5s, they only produced in the MK II a 1.6, 2.0 and 2.2 engined diesel.

As for the interiors - the seats are very similar with some parts identical - but you may not have the wiring necessary in the loom. Certainly the MK I C5 wiring is different to the MK II and in the MK II the intermediate wiring looms changed in mid-production. So your best bet is to see what connectors you have already and then check out the wiring plugs on the leather seats you find, but make sure they are also off a MK II.

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Re: C5 interior

Post by Peter.N. »

I changed the seats in my Mk1 some years ago for leather electric ones and all the wiring was already under the carpet, had to fit another fuse if I remember rightly, don't know if the Mk2 is the same.

As Marc says they don't make a 1.9, it will be a 2.0. although I have seen them advertised as 1.9. I believe they are 1997cc.