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Re: Wheel alignment / tracking – Technical

Post by Richard_C » 21 Oct 2019, 20:24

Useful link and have seen similar prices elsewhere. ATS don't know their curbs from their kerbs though. Bit cross with them at the moment, took car for new tyres all prebooked, left it 90 minutes came back not even started .... lost half a days work while ATS Cambridge took 3 hours 45 minutes to fit a set of 4 tyres on a quiet *Thursday morning. Had I not prepaid I would have left.

Anyway, back to tracking. I was told about 51 years ago while I was learning to drive that a useful quick diy check is to rub your hand very lightly over the shoulder of each tyre, in both directions. If the blocks are feathered - one direction feels smooth and the other a bit like a saw blade - it indicates tracking out, bushes worn or very hard driving. I think it's still relevant and do it through habit when I am doing the pressures. No replacement for the proper job but a chance of early diagnosis.

Anyone else come across this?

* edit for clarity - fitted set of 4 tyres on my car on a quiet Thursdy morning...you can't of course fit tyres to Thursdays.