Just did a timing belt change on a Nemo

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Just did a timing belt change on a Nemo

Post by blake7 »

I have no idea why, but considering the Nemo/Bipper and Fiorino have been going for several years there seems to be little on the internet with regards to guides/you tube videos. I could not find anything on the best way to do a timing belt change.

Anyway, a mate and I did it a couple of days ago and it took around 2.5 hours inc a engine oil and filter change. This is the way we went about it:

1. Headlight out - two easy bolts, one really awkward one located on the underside of the unit
2. Wheel off
3. Arch lining off
4. un-clip loom and cable tie out the way
5. Fan belt and pulley off
6. Engine mount off
7. Remove Belt cover top and bottom
10. 6mm pins used to lock crank etc
11. Change belt and tensioner and idler roller
12 Change water pump if you choose to
13. Refit everything else in reverse order and test

The engine needs to be supported when the mount is removed by a trolley jack and we had to fit/remove the mount several times to get access to top/bottom covers pulleys etc.

Not too bad overall but we were fortunate to have a proper ramp which makes life much easier. Kit cost me £70 off evilbay (Dayco) and I bunged my mate £80.00 for helping and use of ramp. So a good saving on garage prices.

We are doing the clutch next so I will let you know how that goes :-D

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Re: Just did a timing belt change on a Nemo

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I don't recall a post from you asking for a guide - or I would of put one up for you. Ditto for the clutch - if you want the procedure, create a post for it and ask there.