HELP ............. my car overheated

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HELP ............. my car overheated

Post by Benscab123 » 23 Aug 2019, 20:12

So today after numerous problems including EGR valve replacement, exhaust temp sensor replacement, maf sensor problem, turbo overboost problem, the car decided to overheat and illuminate the stop symbol and temp symbol. Pulled the car over ASAP to see water gushing out from somewhere near the turbo (couldn’t tell exactly where).
Anyone any idea what this could be please ?

Thank you .

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Re: HELP ............. my car overheated

Post by GiveMeABreak » 23 Aug 2019, 21:51

Difficult to say without some pictures.... could be the EGR water cooling or the head gasket. Try and get some photos of the area.

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Re: HELP ............. my car overheated

Post by Stickyfinger » 23 Aug 2019, 21:58

As it is "gushing" and the EGR has been worked on, guess where my bet goes.....who forgot to tighten the hose clamp ?