Fuel Gauge

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Re: Fuel Gauge

Post by MikeT » 05 Apr 2019, 12:56

GiveMeABreak wrote:
05 Apr 2019, 12:13
:rofl2: Come on chaps this is PROGRESS isn't it! :rofl2:

It's another reason why I am uber dubious about MikeT's 70MPG!!!! :-D
But it's OEM equipment, Marc. :P

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Re: Fuel Gauge

Post by MikeT » 05 Apr 2019, 13:31

I have noticed the fuelling estimates vary accordingly. ie, at overnight-cold start-up the range may be optimistic due to the overall average MPG counter, but as it's initially running rich both MPG and ranges do get quickly downgraded and once the engine's warmed up and some miles into the journey it will begin increasing the figures again.

I do think it's therefore more accurate than you're giving it credit for but of course, it's not infallable and if you don't follow the instructions, may lead to malfunctions. I've caused the display to glitch or even stall after using Diagbox for instance. But a counter reset will clear it.
One thing I won't do is brim it past the second click. The first click is overzealous due to foaming/splashback but my reckoning is if you fill it too much, you risk losing it out the breather.

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Re: Fuel Gauge

Post by Subsonicnat » 15 Apr 2019, 18:18

right guys,
I have done only 66 miles,Guess what the fuel gauge has jumped up to FULL.Yahooo...
Was thinking it would have to do about 200 miles before it got it into its head to change to the proper reading.. top up up Very Pleased it is reading correctly now,BUT Will take onboard thet small amount of fuel BELOW £25:00 Will throw it a WOBBLY.
Thank you for thr information Marc..

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Re: Fuel Gauge

Post by GiveMeABreak » 15 Apr 2019, 21:15

No worries - now you know for future reference. :)