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Member Email Addresses

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To All Members

Members are kindly requested to check their profiles to see if their email addresses are current and please update these where necessary.

Some of our members have noted that email sent to others on the forum are bouncing back as unrecognised. We appreciate that people change their email providers / addresses over time and don't always remember to update all their Forum / Web accounts.

This is especially important for those members who have kindly offered Lexia services to other members - who may find themselves in a bit of a tight spot and need some urgent help.

At the same time, we will be updating the list of Lexia owners who have offered their services. If you are not currently on the list and wish to offer your services, or are already on the list and wish to be removed, please contact one of the team or post a reply to this announcement.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation. :wink:

The Admin Team