Radiator leak

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Radiator leak

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Is there any difficulty involved in fitting a new radiator on a Xantia 19td 1998 new shape. I could try rad weld but I'm not sure if it could do any harm to the engine?

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hello used rad weld before in other cars good results,but depends how long your to keep car ...at end of the day your going to have to get it soldered or a new one ..

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The problem with modern radiators is that they are made of aluminium and plastic. So a soldering iron isn't much use. And making a temporary repair such as radweld or bars leaks is just that - temporary. If the leak is due to eletrolytic action, either due to the fact that the cooling water hasn't had enough inhibitor in it or that the outside of the rad has been exposed to too much road salt (or sea spray if you live near the coast), then things are only going to get worse. However, if the leak is due to physical damage and the rad is in good condition otherwise, it might be worth getting a radiator expert to check it out.

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I have just fitted a new rad to my 98 TD. No real problems. Just take your time. Bottom hose was a bit of a nightmare as I have aircon and this was blocking the access. In the end I had to take the belly pan of and remove some wiring.
Fit a new rad as these engines are prone to head gasket problems!!!!