Renault Master 1 and many questions

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Renault Master 1 and many questions

Post by Sverige99 »

I am new to this forum.
I have a Renault Master 1 with the 2 liter petrol engine (80 HP) built in 1986.
Unfortunately I always have problems with that.

The bus consumes 20-21 liters per 100 km. I have already installed a contactless Fullmax, the ignition coil is also new and the valves are also set.
Why can that be?

It has a Solex35 SEIA carburetor. Does anyone know an alternative?

A UN5 gearbox is installed, I'm looking for the Simmering drive shaft / gearbox on the left. Outside diameter 58mm, inside diameter 42mm.
Renault can't help me with that either.

I'm thinking of putting in another engine. Gasoline or a suction diesel. Ideally with 100 - 120 hp.
(I often go with a caravan.)
Does anyone have any information about which engines fit the UN5 gearbox relatively easily? Or has someone done something like this before?