Ciao Ciao from Italy

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Tony Evo
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Ciao Ciao from Italy

Post by Tony Evo »

hi, i'm antonio from italy, i have a saxo vts 16v mk1, i hope to be welcome in the forum.

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Re: Ciao Ciao from Italy

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Welcome Tony, hope you get your ABS light sorted out. Usually sortable, and usually the wiring routes from the ecu to the sensors or the sensors themselves, sometimes because they are covered in crud/rust particles,or if you have them the toothed rings on the driveshaft may be split missing teeth or just dirty or rusty. I think the thread you posted your query on should help.

REgards Neil

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Re: Ciao Ciao from Italy

Post by Paul-R »

Welcome Tony. I hope you get your problem solved soon. But even when it is fixed please stay and have a look at some of our other posts that have nothing to do with cars!

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Re: Ciao Ciao from Italy

Post by Partition »

Hello antonio!