2000 xantia sx hdi 110 audio system

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2000 xantia sx hdi 110 audio system

Post by thatfatbloke69 »

Hi. Purchased the above yesterday,and am not too impressed with the sound quality of the audio system. It's been fitted with a JVC 4x50w head unit at some point and as far as I know has the original 6 speaker system fitted. Would it be best to just change the head unit to get a better sound (I likes me bass) or would the door speakers need to be changed also?. What make are the factory speakers?. Would it be easier to just add a sub?. Does changing the door speakers entail removal of the door cards?. Are Pioneer head units as good as they used to be?. Halfords do one for £35!.

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Re: 2000 xantia sx hdi 110 audio system

Post by white exec »

Hi, and welcome.

Do the door speakers first. At the age, quite possible they are in bad shape.
Original brand of door speakers were nothing special. Would recommend looking at Pyle Pro PDMW5 or PDMW6 (depending on the size), which are available on Amazon. Have used these in XM, and in a few pairs of hifi units too.
Someone here will be able to advise on the Xantia door arrangement.

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Re: 2000 xantia sx hdi 110 audio system

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The speaker grille can be unclipped carefully using trim removal tools. Insert a thin trim removal tool or screwdriver at 'a' and carefully pull towards you to unclip:
image_2020-10-18_115426.png (50.58 KiB) Viewed 69 times
There are 3 screws (at '10') holding the speaker housing in place - but you may not need to remove this if replacing the speaker:
image_2020-10-18_115509.png (49.59 KiB) Viewed 69 times

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Re: 2000 xantia sx hdi 110 audio system

Post by admiral51 »

I always found the Xantia sound system to be quite good, not sure if it was down to the original head unit + speakers that make it work well as a system but i have in the past had aftermarket head units and always gone back to the original layout

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Re: 2000 xantia sx hdi 110 audio system

Post by xantia_v6 »

2000 was the change-over year between Clarion and Phillips systems, so we would need the VIN or build date to know which was originally fitted.

With either brand, there were 2 spec levels and SX spec cars usually had the lower spec sound system.