C5 X7 Tourer Motorised Tailgate Initialisation

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C5 X7 Tourer Motorised Tailgate Initialisation

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Here's a couple of things I've cobbled together that may / may not be of any use, but useful for reference purposes if nothing else!

First thing of note is a few lines concerning disconnection of the battery in relation to Tourer models with the motorised tailgate:
It's probably worth a mention regarding the BSI reset procedure if anyone has the AL4 Auto box: specifically, that if you have the AL4 box, you need to wait 12 minutes before disconnecting the battery.
N.B. : Mechanically lock the lock concerned to deactivate the unnecessary electrical power consuming equipment.
CAUTION : When the ancillaries battery is disconnected, the boot cannot be opened on vehicles equipped with a motorised boot.
When carrying out an "ancillaries battery disconnected" operation requiring opening of the boot, disengage the motorised function of the boot before disconnecting the ancillaries battery.
Method for disengaging the motorised function of the boot :
1) Open the boot.
2) Disengage the motorised function (short manual action down then up).
3) Mechanically lock the lock using a tool (which results in the boot light switching off).
4) N.B. : If disengagement is not possible, close and open the boot electrically. Re-open the boot lock mechanically. Repeat the procedure for disengaging the motorised function of the boot.
This next bit is to do specifically with initial programming - but is relevant if the the BEVM programming has been cleared after already been used - so complete quote here for reference:
1. Programming of the minimum and maximum angles of the tailgate in the tailgate motorisation system
The motorisation system is supplied in disengaged configuration, the tailgate can be moved by hand during fitting.
The electronic unit (BEVM) is supplied awaiting programming : No motorisation is possible until the programming operation has been carried out correctly.
CAUTION : If the electronic unit (BEVM) has already been used : The electronic unit (BEVM) must be cleared before being programmed.

When the motorisation system is connected to the battery and to the CAN (BSI with complete software and not with fitting software) : With the safety auto-reverse sensors and the closing button connected to the motorisation system, the striker, the lock and the opening button must be fitted and connected to the electrical network.

1) Lock the tailgate with the lock closed on the striker (striker in the in position).
2) After 3 seconds in this state, the "tailgate closed" position is programmed : The electronic unit (BEVM) then emits a short bleep.
3) Press the opening button (Near the number plate).
4) Allow the tailgate to open without hindering it (the tailgate will move to the maximum opening position).
5) The "tailgate open" position is programmed : The electronic unit (BEVM) then emits a short bleep.

The system is initialised and can be used normally.

N.B. : The programming is retained even if the battery is disconnected.
2. Clearing the programming for re-programming
Use the repair menus of the tool DiagBox to clear the programming of the powered tailgate.
Then I guess you would follow the first procedure for programming.