Citroen C5 Front Suspension Leak

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Citroen C5 Front Suspension Leak

Postby galonki » 07 Jan 2011, 20:22

Hi guys, my citroen has failed MOT because apparently BOTH of the front suspensions are leaking. I have also had advisory issued before on the same issue. And each MOT center seems to notice this problem.

I really disagree with them and therefore have done fair amount of research and from my own experience.

My LDS tank has not dropped and is at the correct level and has been for the past year. The suspension works completely fine, goes up/down and level on all 4 corners of the car.

This is what the problem is apparantly: IF you put the car on high, and look closely at the front suspension struts you can see that they look lubricated with a thin layer of oil and not completely dry (in my opinion are they not supposed to be slightly lubricated because they are moving parts?), not to be confused with dripping or anything like that. IF you look at the rubber things which i can't remember correctly if they are at the top or bottom of each front strut, you can see that they are slightly stained with oil (but that stain has been there as far as i can remember, i am not saying they said anything about the stains thats just my personal observation).

So in the MOT center when the car is raised in the air and then they raise the car from underneath to make the suspension in high position and let it go to put it into normal position, when he wipes his finger across the suspension strut there is litteraly one drip on his finger and he says because its hydraulic its very important that it does not leak.

Sorry about so much wording but i want to make it very clear what the situation is.

I have read these articles: ... cd74a58419 ... 4428788f68 ... 422c7a240f

Some say that it's the suspension cylinders which need to be replace from the above articles which then goes on to suggest that you can just replace the seals inside the cylinders.

I am slightly confused, is the suspension struts i am talking about the same thing as the suspension cylinders mentioned above?

Because i also know that there is spheres in the system and i have no idea what needs to be replaced.

Want to have a good idea before going to garage so i don't get ripped off.

Any ideas, suggestions and informative opinions appreciated.
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Postby fred1 » 07 Jan 2011, 21:01


I understand this is a common problem/misconception with MOT inspectors who are not familiar with hydraulic citroens.

Suggest you try and find an mot centre with citroen experience or links. An independentv would probably be better than an main agent.

With your suspension struts as described there is no problem and it is normal for their to be a thin film of oil on the strut surface.

The mot inspector is applying the rules appropriate for sealed shock absorbers and brake systems, not a citroen system with a large fluid resrvoir and an active pump.

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Postby Citroenmad » 07 Jan 2011, 21:46

It is quite normal, most C5s ive seen have this slight oil layer around the top of the strut. If you wipe it clean it does go away for a while, but ive never seen one get worse or actually leak.

As said above, take your car to a garage who knows Citroens, they will know its very normal, unless it is excessive.
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Postby galonki » 09 Jan 2011, 23:34

thanks m8s, appreciated.

its so annoying when MOT people or in general in most things in life, when someone does their job and does not know what they are doing.

Is there like an official citroen pdf about this or something legal i could show to the mot station to prove that theres nothing wrong with the struts?

thanks again.
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Postby birksy » 10 Jan 2011, 17:51

You can appeal the MOT fail decision. ... DG_4022113

The extra test fee is worth the gamble?
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