NG4 resets/restarts every 1,5 minutes

This unit is the NG4 system, made by Harman Becker.
Main Features: DVD, Voice Commands, HighRes Display, 3D Mapping, Bluetooth Hands Free, Independent Phone with MDS Module, SD Card, USB, Jukebox.

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NG4 resets/restarts every 1,5 minutes

Post by mrkijo » 24 Aug 2019, 14:46

Dear Community,

thank you in advance for your attempt to help. Here is problem i have Peugeot 3008 2011 with NG4 device with the firmware NG4_D_N42c_N42.03. so what i did is i have tried to have map updated to maps that i found on internet apparently 2018-2. Update was interrupted few times with error but each time continued from the point of interruption. When update finished it took a while for maps to be active. After few day of usage device started freeze and to resets it self each 1,5 minute. i have tried to place in USB with Firmware, but unite refreezes so fast that the flashing the firmware cant start.

I have tried also holding 1,3,5 buttons, tried also holding mute+eject button without any result.

any possible solution to problem?


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Re: NG4 resets/restarts every 1,5 minutes

Post by GiveMeABreak » 24 Aug 2019, 15:53

Hi and welcome.

Those maps (as I'm sure you know) are not officially for the NG4 - they are modified BMW maps to make most of the functions work with the NG4. So it's a bit of a coincidence don't you think, that the issues started when you updated to these maps?

I have the same system and have not tried the BMW maps as I know there are problems with TMC, £D buildings, and accented characters. But there could also be other problems that those who modified them are not yet aware of.

If I were you I would try and put the last original official maps (2016-2) back your NG4 and see if that stops the restarts.

Also, go into the system menu and restart it from there - that will wipe all the settings from the system and set it back to factory defaults.