P00BC Boost Pressure? Shouldn't it be MAF?

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P00BC Boost Pressure? Shouldn't it be MAF?

Post by MarkA67 » 06 Oct 2018, 16:44

New here so hope I'm posting in the right place. Recently bought a Citroen DS3 Blue HDi 1.6 and for some reason the engine light has come on as well as a message saying engine fault repair required. I hooked up my scan tool and it said it was error code P00BC which is apparently a MAF sensor issue when Googling it. Had the RAC came out as well and there tool shows the same error code but the description on their scanner shows it as a "Boost Pressure" fault saying it's "lower than expected"

If you reset it the light goes off, but as soon as you give it some Welly it comes back on again with the same fault. It's only recently been serviced and has full main dealer history. No smoke from the exhaust and despite being in limp mode (my 1.4 HDi Peugeot van accelerates faster at present) everything on it works.

Only done around 25K so not something I'd expect from such a low mileage car. Does anyone know if this error code relates to the MAF sensor? I know all other cars use universal diagnostics but the Frenchies insist on using Lexia, Peugeot Planet and CLiP (and I know from previous experience with a Renault that the code it threw up about a faulty injector was completely unrelated to the ACTUAL fault which turned out to be the camshaft position sensor!)

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Re: P00BC Boost Pressure? Shouldn't it be MAF?

Post by GiveMeABreak » 06 Oct 2018, 19:10

Hi and welcome.

You'll need to pop your VIN up here (it will auto mask from public view) then we can determine relevant specs.