got a lexia - need help installing

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got a lexia - need help installing

Post by sonoramicommando » 18 Nov 2011, 08:49

hi all,
got a lexia from aliexpress today, but it didnt come with much of instruction for installation (and also there is no user manual/instruction either).
also one of the CD's that came with is not reading right so i have to go back and get a replacement - lexia3 v4.0 (according to the cd iso image).
the other one is v4.5, but when i tried to install the software it's telling me i have to plug it to power source or something.
it would be appreciated if someone can give me a rundown of how to go about installing it & what are the differences between v4.0 & v4.5?
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The Birdman
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Re: got a lexia - need help installing

Post by The Birdman » 18 Nov 2011, 10:04

If you ask on here for Philkerman he has newest version Lexia downloads and keygens ,sorry mods if this isn`t allowed,
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Re: got a lexia - need help installing

Post by VertVega » 18 Nov 2011, 20:08

The Birdman, Thanks for the link. Added to my bookmarks :)

sonoramicommando, try youtube.
There are several, step by step Lexia installation guides in different languages.
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Carsten S
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Re: got a lexia - need help installing

Post by Carsten S » 19 Nov 2011, 02:22

Lexia V45 (3.45) is one of the latest versions, there are small updates, but nothing to do with "old" cars.

Lexia won't, as far as i know, be updated more - Unfortunately, someone has "accidentally" dropped a version of Diagbox (Contains Diagbox, Peugeot Planet 2000, and Lexia in one installation) on my server - Diagbox <- Clicky

If I remember correct, just upgrade to 5.29, no further, and you'll be safe. There is something with clone-interfaces, and the newer Diagbox (something with firmware).
Install guide (remember part 2):

Bookmark these websites also, there is a lot of information about diagnostic equipment.

Hope that my post will help you :)
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