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Citroen C3

Post by allanmc » 01 Apr 2011, 14:22

My son has a Citroen C3 with a steering problem when he comes to a stop if he takes his hand off of the steering wheel it goes to full offside lock can anyone help please.

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Post by spider » 01 Apr 2011, 19:37

Are these hydraulic or electric power steering ?

By electric I mean an assistance motor on the column not a motor / pump assembly as per Saxo / 106 arrangement.

I'd have to assume its an assisted column, although I've never heard of this happening and similar systems are fitted on a lot of different marques (Fiat + Small Vauxhalls amongst others) , it will probably be a problem with the motor / torque sensor on the column I expect, I think it comes as an (expensive) assembly.

It obviously needs sorting asap as it sounds quite dangerous to me...

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Post by wheeler » 01 Apr 2011, 21:47

its an assistance motor type but the motor & torque sensor are part of the steering rack rather than the column. There is also a seperate ECU for the steering aswell.