Wet carpet of driver's footwell

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Re: Wet carpet of driver's footwell

Post by admiral51 » 06 Nov 2018, 22:21

No need for Gazeebo, just a lump hammer, works wonders on my laptop :)

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Re: Wet carpet of driver's footwell

Post by deaconj999 » 09 Nov 2018, 19:03

Gents, too early yet to see if it has been solved but Garage cleared out the scuttle drains, found Moss and Wet wipes in them !!!! Thanks for the advice and video. It's raining tonight so hopefully the car will be dry inside in the Morning........

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Re: Wet carpet of driver's footwell

Post by picassodad » 12 Nov 2018, 11:55

Yep, the picture earlier in the thread showed car lives by trees, sap, crap and leaves blocking the drains........hose pipe cleared this are on the lads picasso, twas the fist maintenance job done to it. Also the small opening at the bottom of the front wing rear area, the one that lets in crap/mud etc. to behind the wheel plastic arch, should be blasted out with a hose from time to time. The amount of mud etc.. that came out from that area was spectacular....

Has simialr problem with pug 306, water was coming thru the door speaker.....electrical issues so checked the main loom junction box that goes thru the bulk head, all good with a good water seal....

Despatch has water ingress mainly thru corroded roof rack mounts in roof, but the front of the van lived under a tree, so the front drains where full of crap and leaves, that adding to the water intake, the front cab mats weight a ton and took days to dry out outside the cab, the floor was a collander !