Inner steering joint...

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Inner steering joint...

Post by oli_25_uk » 26 Aug 2013, 13:31

Hi All...

Is there a way of finding out which type of steering joint my cx (g reg tgd safari) uses other than by removing it?

My mechanic thinks it's 'not the tapered one' but I still can't really tell from the pictures of the ones I've seen which is which.

Any thoughts gratefully relieved...


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Re: Inner steering joint...

Post by 2smv627 » 27 Aug 2013, 14:21

I find if you put it on full lock you can squeeze the rack gaiter and feel whether the inner joint is tapered on the inner most part or not, I have found that most suppliers over here only sell complete arms anyway - not much difference in price to a single inner from CX-basis.

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Re: Inner steering joint...

Post by citronut » 28 Aug 2013, 13:27

i just did a goooogly search for CX tie rod inner joint, i know it dosent answer your question but might be of use ... or%2BAISIN" onclick=";return false;