how to remove a mk1 C5 110 2.0 hdi turbo

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how to remove a mk1 C5 110 2.0 hdi turbo

Post by darbuck » 05 Sep 2017, 19:49

Hi guys as promised I said I would post a wiki and hope its in the right place but I forgot to take pictures as usual but any way here goes as best as I can. This is my first wiki so I hope it helps.

How to change a turbo on Citroen c5 turbo

1. Jack up the car
2. Support with jack stands
3. Drain down coolant (either store for reuse or dispose of enviornmentaly consciously)
4. Remove the drivers side front wheel and splash shield.
5. Release the lower ball joint
6. Undo driveshaft nut
7. tap the shaft out gently out of the hub using a suitable drift
8. Pull strut towards you gently to the side to release driveshft from hub
9. Remove the drivers side driveshaft
10. Remove the lower turbo hose
11. Remove rear coolant hose and housing
12. Remove turbo bracket
13. Remove the 4 H6 allen bolts from the exhaust to actuator housing and move to the side
14. Remove the upper turbo hose
15. Remove the oil feed and return hoses
16. Remove the three 11mm manifold to turbo nuts.
17. Finally carefully lower and remove the vacuum hose from the actuator diaphram
Fitting is the reverse of removal