Can't open most posts?

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Can't open most posts?

Post by Ramc4 »

About 70% of posts won't open for me, the progress bar stops at around 10% yet other posts open right away, is this a known problem?

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Re: Can't open most posts?

Post by myglaren »

Not that I am aware of, yours is the only mention of it. I never get a progress bar.
Are you using a phone? Could it be a poor signal effect?
Try running the phone cleaner if you are, may help.
If on a computer, clearing the cache usually gets rid of issues like this.

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Re: Can't open most posts?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Agreed it will be a local / network / device issue at your end.

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Re: Can't open most posts?

Post by xantia_v6 »

First of all, try using a different browser, or try using private/incognito mode on your browser, as this will avoid using any old cached files.

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Re: Can't open most posts?

Post by bobins »

I have this on my tablet and phone. I just keep re-hitting the page I want and eventually it opens. It's a completely random feature for me. <For info : Chrome on Androids, all up to date>