CX Turbo road trip....

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CX Turbo road trip....

Post by Bilkob »

To Annecy this time.
Denied my usual Spring time jaunts to Belgium to watch bike racing, and getting a bit fed up of just cycling locally, I hatched a mad plan to visit a friend in Annecy, drive there and back and ride up some hills and drink some beer
So, I did!
Black GTI Turbo, black leather, non functioning A/C and about 1300 miles round trip
I drove through the night both ways and got roughly 2/3rds done each way before stopping for a short nap then pressing on
Yes, it was hot, but so were car journeys when I was a kid in the Seventies, and the car was superb!
I sat at the National limit in France for hours on end and there’s just something about that wide tracked front stance, selfleveling and wonderful steering that makes it so easy to just munch up miles. It’s noisier than a modern car, and I had the sunroof open a fair bit but apart from the sheer length of the driving stints I got out feeling pretty fresh, what a hoot!
Tired now and I’ve a lot of squashed insects to remove.......
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Re: CX Turbo road trip....

Post by Peter.N. »

They are irresistible to drive, The last one we had a CX25 DTR Turbo Safari we drove well over 100,000, might even have been 150k miles and loved every minute of it. The XM was a good replacement but lacking diravi and those centrally mounted wheel hubs it was never quite the same, the visibility was better too.