Turbo Charger No Boost?

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Turbo Charger No Boost?

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Hi All,

Just recently I have had a rebuilt turbo fitted to my 88 TRD thinking it would restore the performance but it appears to have no boost pressure at all?

I have replaced the intercooler with a new core so no leaks unlike the original item and the hoses are all good, pressure checked the system, the wastegate operation and removed the air filter.

Any suggestions that might cause this before I remove the turbo?

Update! Removed the turbo no problem there, exhaust not blocked either, for others that may be interested I replaced the pump boost diaphragm and also found the actuator pin in the unit was stuck so rectified that and shazam! full power was back so much so that a mile down the road when turning around the L/H CV outer disintegrated completely, luckily only a short distance from home!

So now looking for a replacement CV outer, thinking that should be simple enough that's not the case having trouble tracking one down hoping to find a new item but no joy yet, complete shaft assemblies available but not single item, anyone know if the CV is used on other vehicles?