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New CX owner

Post by Triumffan »

Good evening,
I recently bought a 1981 CX Pallas 2400i automatic.
It had lain in a garage for 8 years and I got it it through its MoT with only a couple of advisories, ie seat belt fabric beginning to wear and some welding required around the sills.
I found that the heater matrix had been bypassed as it had burst at one point. Stan Platts came to the rescue with a second hand one and I went down the easy route of cutting the side out of the heater box and changing it that way. Dead easy until I broke both the plastic three way pipe and the deaereator while trying to remove the hoses! Stan to the rescue again. So I now have some heat in the cabin but it’s only really lukewarm. Is this normal for a CX or should it be quite hot? Next thing to check is the thermostat.
Next problem is that I’m now unable to open the front passenger door either from the inside or outside which is a bit of a pain as I’d really like to introduce my rather dubious wife to the delights of CX ownership. It was opening when I got it and it was locking and unlocking from the central locking but it just won’t open at all now. My question is, if I remove the front seat can I remove the door card without having to open the door?
Any help and advice would be appreciated.
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Re: New CX owner

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Hello, and :welc: to the Forum.

Nice looking CX. You should get plenty of advice, and it is likely somebody will also point you in the direction of the dedicated CX website (I cannot, as I don't know what it is).

Take a look for CGAT, as that is a rather nice CX that has had a little bit of work done to her. Scroll down the following link (page 4, if it jumps back to the starting page) to see what I mean; ... t&start=45
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Re: New CX owner

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Re: New CX owner

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Congratulations on the acquisition, and getting stuck in.
Someone here called Peter has a good many workhorse years of CX experience, so will be able to offer suggestions.