Diagnostic Equipment Advice

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Diagnostic Equipment Advice

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Please note the following points when using Lexia, Planet or Clip diagnostic equipment!

A Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) and associated software such as Diagbox, Lexia, and Peugeot Planet 2000 are professional-level diagnostic tools. Extreme care should be taken when using these devices as incorrect use may adversely affect your vehicle and at worse render it unusable.

The FCF takes no responsibility for any damage to any vehicle, persons or equipment, howsoever caused.

Before making any changes, ALWAYS take a screen shot or 'Print Screen' of the current configuration settings. Should you inadvertently make a mistake, you will always be able to revert to the previous setting.

Users should be aware that in the case of Diagbox, Lexia. PP2000, there are no 'undo' or 'reset' options. Once a parameter is changed and 'committed', it cannot be undone without manually changing it back to the previous value and committing the change again.

Members should be aware that the ECUs in the vehicles Head Unit (or Audio System) in many cases also control certain functions of the vehicle other than the audio itself. Extreme care should be taken when making changes to settings.

Members should be aware that rarely are 2 vehicles or models the same, as each will have different equipment options and in turn these will have different configuration settings.

It is important to emphasise that some configuration options mandate certain values to be entered as default settings - despite the user thinking the option is incorrect. It should be noted that the same BSIs are commonly used in many different vehicle models and therefore require a different configuration. As a consequence, some functions are handled differently from model to model whether via the BSI or by an individual component ECU.