renault trafic non runner

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renault trafic non runner

Post by john » 30 Jul 2018, 19:51

56 plate trafic

left the house and all was good, 2 minutes later coming to a junction i went from 3rd to 2nd and the engine died, i managed to get it restarted 2 or 3 times and all it did was idle rough (hunting) and stall after 5-10 seconds

tried again after work and it was still the same (didnt expect it to be any different), when i got it started I gave it some shoe about 2500-3000 and it still stalled, there are no error codes, when i did get it started i undid the fuel filler cap, the revs picked up but it still dies after a few seconds

any ideas?airlock perhaps?

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Re: renault trafic non runner

Post by Zelandeth » 01 Aug 2018, 00:04

Bit hard to say without specific knowledge of the vehicle...but sudden refusal to run without any obvious error codes usually would have me looking at the crankshaft position sensor.

No signal from here will result in no spark (if applicable) or fuel injector pulses (assuming it will be direct injection on a 56 plate) no engine running. It's basically the heartbeat to which everything electronically is synchronised. Because in the absence of a signal most stuff just sits *waiting* for a signal, it often won't throw an error code.

The sensor is usually a hall effect sensor (like an ABS sensor) so sometimes all it will need is a clean. I've seen them work loose and just move too far from the crank pulley too.

Might be way side of the mark, but worth checking it's plugged in properly, is clean and secure before digging too deeply.