Hello world

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Tell us a little about yourself, lie if you have to but keep it to just an introduction, not a car discussion.

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Hello world

Post by Ian432 » 08 Nov 2018, 23:12

Since growing out of the Triumph brand of motor car, I've been mainly inclined to Go Gallic 😎
Currently have a barn full of poorly 20th century cars awaiting repair, so what have I done?
Bought an 07 Peugeot 807 Excessive 2.0 hdi with no service history :rofl2:
I expect you'll be hearing from me quite a lot

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Re: Hello world

Post by Hell Razor5543 » 08 Nov 2018, 23:35

Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. Feel free to ask questions, as that is what the Forum was created for (well, that and to chat to like minded people).

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Re: Hello world

Post by white exec » 09 Nov 2018, 11:30

What else is in the barn, Ian?

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Re: Hello world

Post by Stickyfinger » 09 Nov 2018, 12:23