cat litter

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cat litter

Post by Subsonicnat » 05 Feb 2019, 22:02

Hi Guys,
Have you been suffering misted windows.???. if so,,,,,
Two Socks,Preferably washed,lol,,, FILL The Foot Part With CAT LITTER.
Just Twist the top couple of times,,,TURN BACK OVER ITS SELF.
Put The Second sock over the First,,Twist once,,DOUBLE BACK Just to make it neat..
Leave in for a couple of days,it should start working,After a few Weeks/Months depends if you have a wet dog in and out,,under normal conditions nearly all winter..
if it stops working because it is too damp,POP ii in the MICROWAVE for 10 mins..
Good as New..
Cat Litter about £1:50 for a VERY BIG BAG..
Make them up for the whole family,, or put some 1/2 in that room that always seems cold..
I have one in the shed as well,does need heating after about a month though,Damp in there.
Does the job though..My Daughter is over the moon with the ones I gave her,,Does have a dog who likes water though...